This illusion consists of three patterns that are completely still. However, when looking at it, it seems as though it’s moving.

32 Responses to “3 Moving Patterns”

  1. makes ya feel all weird and dizzy bro

  2. that hurts my eyes

  3. i am gonna faint im so dizzy

  4. waho im dizzy

  5. this is so gay it does move its not just an illusion it is actually moving u stupid peeps

  6. that is really creepy -dizzy-

  7. Caroline and Isabel

    I survived. Caroline fainted :D

  8. that makes me feel sick

  9. damyum this is tight how do you do this =]
    man its gots me feeling sick but this is tight

  10. felinecrunchies

    Sorry ’bout that, those type of things make me sneeze alot:).

  11. bethybethybethybeth

    aww, my friend on youtube used this on her video, but then something scary popped out and i screamed

  12. What popped up? I’ve seen it but it didn’t pop up for me, although I knew something was coming… Tell me bethy!


  14. OMG- IT DOESN’T WORK FOR MY EYES! I dunno… It’s so beatiful… I think it’s hypnotising!

  15. nope doesnt make me dizzy but
    i want to lol haha thiss is cool (:

  16. that is so cool i love it and can you email me it to show my friends taht would be awsome

  17. it dosen’t work idiot!

  18. This picture is cool.
    it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo weird though.

  19. Who its amazing i love it im useing it for my art projet mood board :)
    Its Very Hypnotising :D

  20. its uber

  21. that realy cool love who ever mad it

  22. yo this is tripy as all getout. i gots to get this as a tattoo, mayby on my back

  23. it fucking shit

  24. It Doesn’t Work ! :(

  25. wew ! amazing !

  26. OMG!!! thats the best one iv ever seen! it amazing wat u can find when your board in class!! lol

  27. That is THE COOLEST thing I’ve ever seen! Oh, and Cool Gal, how do you insert an emotion? You know on your little paragraph.

  28. omg! Its not like them rubbish ones dat dont actually wrk unless u stare 4 aaaages. It’s sooo cool!

  29. This is really tight.
    But it seems like its really moving..
    i wonder if this is some sort of spam.. :)

  30. erm idk what this thing is doing to me
    but im getting dizzy & weird feeling


  32. Umm “POOP” you’re stupid because it’s actually moving. “Poop”…you’re a retard soooooo SHUT UP

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