A clever use of the arabic script to make it look almost unreadable yet it’s actually in english. In total I would say it took me around two minutes to fully understand the hidden message, give it a shot and let me know what you uncovered.

29 Responses to “Arabic Text Illusion”

  1. get back to work ! hahaha

  2. It means Get back to work.

  3. get back to work

  4. The text reads: “Get Back To Work.”

  5. it says “get back to work”


  7. get back to work

  8. Yeah! Just rotate 180ยบ.

  9. get back to work

  10. thats soo easy.. i looked at it first and was confused but then i read it upside down and its says get back to work :)
    took me less than 10 seconds and im 14

  11. Took me about 2 seconds :D D

    now, GET BACK TO WORK!

  12. get back to work its upside down

  13. Get back to work!

  14. I got
    get back to wock
    in 1 minute

  15. Get Back To Work

  16. The words “Get back to work” is upside down. BTW; Im 9

  17. for you….
    get back to work!

  18. get back to work, it’s only written upside down lol

  19. im 11 and i got it before i clicked it

  20. OKay why did you let the cat out the bag? Let them figure it out

  21. its really very easy it is -get back to work


  23. took me about 2 seconds, its upside down. And people, please dont ruin it, others actually want to find out by themelves :/

  24. Get Back to Work

  25. I get it in 1 second. All of u is noob.haha joke.

  26. Did this in 15 seconds it says “Get back to work”.

  27. You all should ‘GET A LIFE’

  28. It took me about one second to see that it reads “get back to work”–upside down and backwards.

  29. got it in like 1 sec it says get back to work

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