Supposedly there’s 7 bass fish hidden in this image. Do you see them ? I honestly got to around 5 and couldn’t find the last 2. Let me know if you get them all!

10 Responses to “Bass Fish Illusion”

  1. There is 20- as far as I’m concerned
    This illusion does’nt REALLY work…

  2. i can see 5 only

  3. 20??? where??? plz point out…!!
    i hv only found 6 hardly…!!

  4. I found all the fishes. What’s the problem?

  5. I found them.. think outside the box and look at the NEGATIVE SPACE..

  6. there is also a man in the picture

  7. to be honest, i only see 1……..

  8. I found 7 mostly made of branches

  9. i found well 3 so if u found 20 ……………………….wow

  10. foundem alll !! 7 !!

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