These have to be some of the best examples of hand art I’ve ever seen. Great fun to look at for the kids and a real example of how to disguise your hand as an elephant, eagle or tiger. Click the main post for the full set of pictures.

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  1. theser are fab!I want one on my hand

  2. Yeah I want that on my hand they look cool.


  4. me and brooke think this is awsome

  5. thiiss is shit

  6. Who’s the artist that did these? Wouldn’t you want everyone to know it was you who did them?

  7. these are really cool

  8. Hola, magnificas sus imagenes, deseo contar con su aprobacion para utilizar las imagenes en una campaña de higiene de manos en mi hospital.


  9. i like the crocodile that one is cool it looks so relistic

  10. can they make one look like a vagina i’m lonely

  11. ACE!!! these are FANTASTIC!!!!!
    we wonder how long it took themm to paint it!!!!

    LOL!! :o

    i want one:D

  13. brilliant

  14. well cool can you do any more

  15. how cool how long

  16. soooooooooooo……………. coooooooooolllllll :o

  17. this is awsomme! its amazing what u can do with sum paint and a hand!!

  18. i hate this website

  19. sickage send me more please

  20. Man those are awsome…..I really like the zebra one, there eyes look so life like, I bet they had hand pains

  21. amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Caroline and Isabel

    Caroline and I think the swan is most realistic

  23. That Tucan is falling short of the whole “illusion” idea

    thanks 7/7

  25. love love love it!

  26. is it fake like ur blackberry? that was randoum!

  27. whos the spanish chick?


  29. aw tha look so cute. i want one!!! no fair!

  30. imagine one of these as a tattoo!

  31. it would really stink if they got finished painting em and the model had to use the bathroom..paint would be everywhere and they couldnt wash their hands without needing to sit through it again!

    i like em tho!! :D

  32. Thanks for sharing your self description with us there “bob marley”, but I think these are brilliant! Especially the crocodile one!

  33. Julia,Ella && Sarah

    well julia and ella think they r wicked and i have one on my hand it is a cat lol i love em but it does get a bit annoying caus ppl come up to you all the time and say ‘oh thats really cool lets have a look’ yeh but i will never regret it!i!i!i!i

  34. To Pamela:

    If I was not mistaken, the artist is Guido Daniele, an awesome Italian artist worthy of praise…pls don’t hesitate to visit the link…

  35. Bobby B. Bobberson

    I see nothing illusory about your hand painted as various animals.

    You suck. Kill yourself now, stop eating my food, breathing my air.

  36. Is it just me or does that look like a tiger snake?

  37. Great Stuff e-mail me when u make gloves like this I will buy a few I promise:-)

  38. Thank you stumble upon. Another beautiful thing about the world I would never have seen without you.

  39. Absolutely brilliant and creative.


    well why not show us some good stuff instead of cheering like a cat whose tail has been stepped :) )

  40. too much time on your hands… pun intended

  41. Animal Caretaker

    You should cut off a cat head and make a mitten out of his face. It would be pretty retro. In order to have a full pair of mittens you need two cats. Rest of cat(‘s) should not be wasted. Cats go great in a stew with potatoes.

  42. This is both funny and interesting. Great imagination. And as for all you trolls out there go get a real life :)

  43. Where is the giraffe!!!!???

  44. Wow, that’s amazing. Takes a damn good artist to paint the hand like that.

  45. Ogaga Onowighose

    They look good , I’ll love to have one on my hand – the Crocodile isn’t bad . :)

  46. I am impressed with the eyes. Just amazing that they look lifelike.

  47. who i want to be

    you feel like you can do animal puppet if the animals painted on ur hand

  48. these are really cool my daughter thought they loked real, real nice.

  49. These are blackberry ads. They are all over LAX!

  50. I love the alligator. So detailed. There must be like over 300 scales.

  51. Awesome concept! =D
    Much more detailed and convincing than simple shadow puppets! haha

  52. Outstanding work actually and at this risk of ask for the revelation of state secrets. There are among us here some folks who would love to see a step by step application. I Imagine there is airbrush at play but I would love to learn to paint like that!

  53. Holy cow!!!! I want one sooo bad. They look super cool.

  54. OMG!!! Love the hand art!!! i think the birds r awesome cause the detail for the feathers!!! the alligator is awesome too!!!

  55. the wya the hand is shaped, i think they should also try a snake XD that would be amazing!!! ps AMAZING WORK!!!

  56. somebodies right handed

  57. These are some great hand jobs

  58. Those are incredibly creative. I am not sure if they are real or fake, either way it’s true art!

  59. Amazing

  60. Purushottam Kushwaha

    it is the best hand art I had ever seen.
    Super like

  61. cool

  62. darkdragon21196

    do they really paint it on their hand or just use photoshop???

  63. This is amazing. we should collaberate. i want to make a flim using only hands. this was exactly what was on my mind, except i will never be able to paint like that….. lol props to you :)

  64. These are truly beautiful, I paint, so I know these took time and talent. I did notice the images are on both left and right hands, are these your hands????? Are you ambidextrous …lol Really great!

  65. So good at first i thought they were photos

  66. wwooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww………..simply awsm………..<3 <3

  67. This is really cool amazing ;)

  68. I am single and want one of a nice looking lady. Is this possible ?

  69. hey hey… amazing….!

  70. I want the eagle one! Anybody knows how to do it? :)

  71. Can this artist give me a tattoo of one of these?

  72. omg these are amazing i want one NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. These don’t even really look like hands, you have to really focus to see that they are. These are pretty cool!

  74. that is beast how did u do that


  76. people should made gloves that look like that..

  77. Amazing, beautiful, and creative.

  78. OMGJ!!! (oh my grape jelly) thats soo cool

  79. These are incredible! They are all so realistic. It seems to be the same hand in every picture, does the artist paint these on himself or someone else? I couldn’t imagine doing this. Painting on a hand could be so awkward. Also, to be able to move a hand a certain way to imagine it looking like an animal before you paint it. Unbelievable!

  80. I would love to get a hand job from any of these!

  81. VERY cool!

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