Ok here’s the second part of the fantasy forest animals illusion. Once again search the picture for the hidden animals and let me know which animals you find and how many of each. Good luck!

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  1. bear, indian girl, bird, wolf, horse, snake??, panther… and bambi’s dad ??? the indian girl is riding the horse

  2. I found a freaking girl 0.0 only 1 and a wolf or a bear not sure right on top of the girl. a rhyno on the tree side (left) the gap there. another wolf on the mountain

  3. I found

  4. found a bear in the clouds and a buffalo to the left of the horse ear almost touching

    Eli, first grade

  5. tiger in the bottom in the little waterfall

  6. a bear, bird, indian girl on a horse, 2 wolf, Mountian Lion, Deer, Rhino.

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