Ok guys here’s the final part of the Fantasy Forest Animals illusion. If you haven’t tried the earlier parts you’ll find the links here and here.

As always the rules of the game are simple, find the hidden animals and let me know what you find. Enjoy!

8 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Animals – Part 3”

  1. bird, bear, horse, wolf, panther, bull???, bambi’s mom???, a toad?? and an indian girl with a bucket

  2. 1 wolf
    2 bears
    1 horse
    1 lion(I think)

  3. i think i found a dog, a camel, a lion, a bear, a wolf,a horse, a bird and a tiger…

  4. Wooow.

  5. i found 11

  6. 1 Horse
    1 Wolf
    1 Tiger
    1 Bear
    1 Gorilla

  7. 1 bear
    1 eagel (bird)
    1 wolf
    1 horse
    1 tiger (bob cat?)(panther)
    1 Bison
    an indian girl with a bucket pouring out wather making the waterfall

  8. dinasaurs

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