I don’t know why but this beautiful image really caught my eye. A fantastic image with hidden horses, see how many you can find ?

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  1. 4 obvious ones

  2. 6 HORSES! ! ! ! !

  3. ten again

  4. we found 5 =D
    10 my ass!!!

  5. I agree with Joe I found 6.

  6. god I can only find 4 where are the rest??/?

  7. i agree with Me.

  8. finished in 7 sec.

  9. i found 5 were are the 10 people??? lol

  10. i found 6
    1 trotting on the sand
    1 in the rock on the left
    1 in the rock on the right
    1 swimming
    1 in the waves on the right
    1 in th clouds

  11. I found 6.
    whoever found 10. you are a lier, as if!

    (: x

  12. i only found 5 where are the rest there are suposed to be 7.

  13. There are 7! There is an invisible horse trotting on the beach. You can see it’s prints. There is a horse shape in the bushes too.

  14. There are 7! There is an invisible horse trotting on the beach. You can see it’s prints. There is a horse shape in the bushes too. and there is one in the clouds too.

  15. i found SIX HORSES ..LOL….

  16. I Found 10 Aswell. XD SOme Are Upside Down

  17. i only found5

  18. 5! people 5!!!!! Who ever found 10 need to get their eyes checked. (Mental hospital baby!)

  19. 1 ) real horse walking
    2 ) formed by the wave on the right hand side
    3 ) in the clouds.
    4 ) green one on the left.
    5 ) face of the horse near the sun.

  20. i found em all in 1 second :D im brainy

  21. i Found six horses

  22. 6 definately. no more!!! get away kimby

  23. Oii! I only See one horse! o_O

  24. only found 4 horses. .People that said they found more than 5 we think ur lying!!!

    hahahaha :p

  25. there are seven horses, no more than seven, you people who said ten r lying or ur seeing things!!! :) <333

  26. I found 8 horses
    {1 real horse
    {1 in clouds
    {1 is upsidedown
    {1 is a wave
    {1 is swimming
    {1 is purple moss
    {1 is green and on the left
    {1 is little and is under th purple moss horse

  27. I found 8 horses
    They are pretty!!!!!!!!

  28. I can only find 5

  29. hi i found 7 and ill tell you where they are
    1) in the clouds
    2) swimming
    3) one walking on the sand
    4) formed by the wave
    5) green one on the left
    6) head by the sun
    7) an invisable one look at the tracks

  30. 10?????? What drugs are you on??!!

  31. 5

  32. all seven

    trotting in the sand
    rock on the right
    swimming in the water
    wave on the left
    in the cloud
    (turn it upside down) purple rock
    invisible horse on the beach (c its tracks)

  33. I found 7:
    1. In the green wall to the left
    2. In the white cloud
    3. In the ceiling… (look at picture upside down)
    4. Outlined in purple on the right wall
    5. Below to the left of #4 in the splash of waves
    6. The invisible horse’s hoof prints
    7. The horse walking on the beach

  34. we found 7 easy millkatepink, so hahahahahahahah!!!!!!!
    people who said they found 10 are lyin!!!!!!people who got less than 5 cant say we need our eyes tested coz all da horses are very visible so you need ya eyes tested!!!!!!! bye bye xxxxx

  35. i found 8 but one only kind of looks like a horse it is on the top

  36. That is soooooo preety

    [dont tell my email address,please]

  37. well well well milkatepink you must have a bitchy eyesight cause this is so simple and im in 5th grade WOW!how old are you?13?o well,I have a book to get back to so screw you and stop blaming others for your problems!cuse I know were you live

  38. i found six

    1) on beach
    2)in cloud
    3) in rock/moss on left
    4) upside down in rock/moss on right
    5)crashing waves on right
    6) invisble one on beach can see hoof prints
    where is the 7th one i cant find it???

  39. i only found 5 help me this is hard

    ok these are the ones i found

    1.the real horse trotting on the sand

    2. a horse which is the cloud

    3. my favorite is the horse to the left and its the wave if you cant find it look closely

    4.the hose which is to the right it is the head and its upside down

    5. the green to the lest its cool

    soo thats all i found i cant find the other but i think that the horse to the right the purple stuff is a another horse and anyways ya if you found all of then please tell me im begging you please!!

  40. o ya i for got to do this its cool

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  41. WHAT??? it didnt come out like i wanted it the smily face that sucks!!! o well

  42. I agree with Annie, you people that think there is 10 horses,you are totally retarded!, AND STUPID!

  43. THERE ARE 7
    1. in the open
    2. in the wave
    3. spray
    4. in the green to the right of the brown horse
    5. in the clouds
    6. upside down in the pink flowers to the left
    7. and look closely to the green over the pink flowered horse right side up

  44. I only found four horses

  45. i found 8 ha
    everyone that found less
    sucks haaaaaaaa LOL

  46. I found 5, i cant find any more.(spell icup!get the message hidden in it!)Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  47. ah i found 10
    i swear

    im not lieing seriously
    i cant believe i found 1o
    wooooo yoooooo

  48. i found 8 horses
    1) in the water
    2)in the bush
    3)The actual bush
    4)the horse walking
    5)the invisable horse
    6)the clouds
    7)other horse in the bush on the left
    8)the rock in the water

  49. i found all in ur faces not a lie millkatepink

  50. i found all my ass!

  51. i found 6 then looked at the other peoplz then found the 7 th 1 whoever found 10 what the hell


  53. i must need my glasses checking not my eyes !

  54. The ‘invisible’ horse doesn’t exist! just b/c of the prints in the sand doesn’t mean there is an invisible horse it can be from a horse that passed by before. Anyways the 7 or 8 are
    1. brown one on the beach
    2. One in the clouds
    3. head by the sun, and another head to the left of that outlined by the ferns as well.
    4. one made out of wave splashing on right side
    5. one on left side made out green
    6.one swimming in sea
    7. upside down one on right side made out of purple coloring, on the green ferns

  55. I can Only see 7

    O.K the people that have found 10 i bet you can’t list them I BET YOU!

  56. i can find
    1 the real horse
    2 the invisible horse (footsteps)
    3 the haed next to the sun
    4the one in the waves
    5the one on the left rocks
    6the one in the clouds
    7 the one you can see upside down in purple on the right (upside down left)

  57. we see five…

  58. I found 5.
    The freakin thing in the middle of the water is not a horse.

  59. i found 6.

  60. Caroline and Isabel

    I found them all

    an invisible one (obvious)
    one in the sand (obvious)
    one in the clouds
    one in the rock on the right (Obvious)
    one on the rock on the left (obvious)
    one in the waves on the right
    one swimming (obvious

  61. There are 7 freaken horses kay stupids onley 7 and none below 7


  63. I found 12 bitch

  64. i foud 21 !!! muahahah losers!

  65. i found 7

    1 on the beach
    1 to the left of the bushes
    1 to the right of the bushes
    1 in the space of the right bushes
    1 in the clouds
    1 in the crashing wave
    the last one was given with a hint. if you find six, here is a hint for the seventh: “Even if you can’t find him, there is proof that he exists” which is the footprints on the beach sand :p

  66. We found 8!!!!
    1- Cantering on the beach
    2- In the waves on the right
    3- In the hedge/plant on the left
    4- Upside down in purple flowers on the right hedge
    5- In the water in the middle
    6- In the cloud
    7- the face by the sun
    8- The invisble one (look for its prints!!)

  67. haha you guys that said six you are awesome you others need to look closer

  68. Its obviously 7 it says on another website and circles them its the hoof prints 2 in the flowers one as a cloud one in the space of the cave in the sky one as a wave one just a horse walkin around

  69. Ahh,… there is a bird as a eye, cloud as nose(next to sun)
    One in the clouds
    One in the water
    One as a wave
    One on the rocks in the left
    One trotting
    One that was there(hoofprints)
    which adds to seven

  70. I found nine

  71. i found 10
    1. regular horse
    2. there is 1 int the left cloud
    3. one as water
    4. one as a rock
    5. one as a rock (ledge on the left
    6.an outline in the rocks to the right (where the sun is)
    7.in the above rocks
    8. one in the right cloud
    9. another in the above rocks
    10. one as a head to the right in the rocks

  72. Well i got 5 and i am looking for the 6th one can’t find it.

    1 trotting on the sand
    1 in the rock on the left
    1 in the rock on the right
    1 in the waves on the right
    1 in th clouds

    I don’t see the one swiming tho……

  73. lets see….
    1. the real horse
    2. left in mossy rocks
    3. waves splashing to the right
    4. clouds
    5. upside down, pink flowers to the right

    if that is a horse in the water its 6
    and thats what i can find -.-

  74. but u guys also forgot the horse made out of purple flowers on the right! i found seven all together.

  75. i only found 5… i dont SEE anymore!

  76. is there a invisable one cuz there are tracks and do shados count?

  77. I foung 104 beat that

  78. i found the same as mog


  80. ok am dumb can see three even though mog told us where they are i still cant find them all who ever found ten is defo lyin of just hillucinating – if thats how you spell hllucinating

  81. I got 6 horses
    1. real horse
    2. in waves braking on rocks on RH side
    3. pink plants ( turn pic upsidedown)
    4. Outline of rock face near sun
    5. cloud horse
    6. rockface LH side

  82. i found 6 ;]

  83. there are exactly 6 – 10 because under the pic there is a horse lol !

  84. i av 30 horses + now everything bout em so i fnd 7 millkatepink buger off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. I only found 6 so people who found 10 horses are crazy

  86. i found 6 people who found 10 are crazy

  87. felinecrunchies

    I only saw five:(

  88. i found 7 haha

  89. I found 6 But where the hell r the others?!!!!!??????????!!!!

  90. I only found 5

  91. I found 8
    one walking in the sand
    one you can not see you can only see its hoof prints
    one in the clouds
    one in the side of the rock on left
    one as a wave
    one swimming in the sea
    A horses head made by the rocks and clouds near the sun
    and if you look on the right were the purple jaged rock is that is the horses ear then just work your way down there is a horses head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. i like this picture i love horses so much i go riding everey week

  93. i found 8
    1:An invisible horse
    2:A horse walking along the sand
    3:A horse in the water
    4:A horse in the clouds rearing
    5:A horse in the wave crashing over the rocks
    6:An upside down horse in the purple moss
    7:A horse along the top and a bird as its eye
    8:A horse in the cliff on the left

  94. bethybethybethybeth


  95. Hey there are 8! I looked @ all the msg u guys sent and their are 8. The stupid one that some of y’all said, the green head by the sun, thats so not a horse. You just want more. oh and there is sooooo not 10…or 12………or 21!!!

  96. 1) One walking on the sand
    2) Hoofprints on the sand
    3) Top right- cloud of a horse
    4) On the left- horse in moss
    5) On the right- horse in moss
    6) Top right- hind leg of a horse
    7) Middle leftish- splash of water in the shape of a horse
    8) Middle- horse shaped rock in the sea
    9) On the left- a horse in the cliff
    10) Top right- horse with a bird as its eye


  97. i found 9. one more somone tell me

  98. i found ten
    1 real 1
    2 invisible 1 on the sand
    3 one in the green moss
    4 one in the clouds
    5 one in the water swimming
    6 one made of water (the spray)
    7 & 8 two heads in the purple moss upside down
    9&10 in the red moss (really small)

  99. i found ten
    1 real 1
    2 invisible 1 on the sand
    3 one in the green moss
    4 one in the clouds
    5 one in the water swimming
    6 one made of water (the spray)
    7 one head up the top in the rock upside down
    8 one in the purple moss upside down
    9&10 in the red moss (really small)

  100. gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is only SSIIXX!

  101. Thare are as miny as you want use youer imaganation

  102. I found 7!

    1(trotting on the beach
    1(in the greenery on the left
    1(In the greenery on the right
    1(By the sun
    1(in the clouds
    1(In the waves on the right

  103. I found Seven
    1 walking
    1 in the rock
    1 in the wave
    1 upside down in the purple
    2 in the shape cut out at the top
    1 in the cloud
    may i let you all no the invisable one does not count you have to see the horse
    my neighbor has the answer key to this pic cause she bought the picture in the store and it came with an answey key

  104. I found 18………..Most not that obvious……lol.

  105. hello i found only 5

  106. I found them all, I don’t know who Bemma is but I agree with her

  107. I found them all, I don’t know Bemma but I agree that there is 10.

  108. i found three:(

  109. hey its me nick jonas i found 8 yay me!!!!!!!


  111. smartiesuspenders98

    i found all 15
    3 are upsidedown
    4 are in the ocean
    1 in the clouds
    4 in the rock
    3 on the horse

  112. I foung them all

  113. I see all of them :) I LOVE horses and can see them a mile away though. XD

    I wonder wat the horses think-they’re very dignified creatures u know. i wonder if they mind us counting our blessings.

  114. There are seven (its obvious!)
    1)one walking on the beach
    2)ones footprints on the beach
    3)one in the left rock
    4)one in the right rock
    5)one in the cloud
    6)one in the right surf
    7)one in the sea

    need to look harder guys!!

  115. there is 7

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